Physical Planning Unit


The physical planning unit of The Federal University of Technology, Akure was established in 1987 by the UniversityGoverning Council following the NUC directive and its primary aim and objectiveis to co-ordinate the physical development of the University and is directly responsible to the vice chancellor for the performance of the following duties amongst others:

 ( A)  Responsibility in vital areas of physical development for:

  • Preparation of master plan
  • Preparation of physical action plan
  •  Up-dating of master plan
  • Correlation of accommodation briefs with actual physical briefs
  • Preparation of Dada for the National Universities Commission (NUC), Education Trust Fund Intervention Projects and other donor agencies.
  •  (B)  Responsibility for providing the briefs on all new projects

     (C)  Responsibilities for all preliminary works on new projects

     (D)  Co-ordination of the activities of all executive consultants on projects up to tender stage after which it will monitor closely from inception of projects (actual construction) to final account stage. This is to exercise control at all stages of any project so that the cost is not exceeded without authority.

    The unit will also work with consultants to ensure that the final provisions of the contract are properly interpreted and applied so that the client’s financial and other interests are safeguarded.

     (E) Ensuring that all designs submitted by the consultants conform to the NUC guidelines, user’s requirements and in line with the master plan.

      (F) Servicing committees which may be assigned to it by Council or the Vice-Chancellor like the Developmentcommittee, Space committee, Housing committee, etc.

     (G) Providing advice to the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate/Council committee in matters relating to Physical development, and the appointment, when necessary, of executive consultants.

     (H) Collection of data required on all on-going projects by the NUC

      ( I) Initiation in conjunction with the Bursar and the Director of works of the Capital estimates for each year andthe preparation of quarterly utilization reports for capital projects.

    Relation to other units

    The three main units that have very close working relationship with the Physical Planning Unit are:

  • The Schools, through the Academic Planning unit and other Senate/Council Committees
  • The Bursary Department, and
  • The Works Department
  • The academic planning unit

    The changing requirements for academic programs necessitating accommodation briefs are brought to the notice of the Physical Planning Unit for translation into space physical briefs. The two units also work hand-in-hand in ensuring that financial allocation to the University are utilized in such a way that the main purpose for which the University is set up is achieved.

    The Bursary department

    The Bursary department and the physical planning unit work harmoniously to ensure the judicious and controlled use of capital votes. The two units serve as budget monitors and advise on the financing of capital projects.

    Works department

    Since it is the sole responsibility of the works department to maintain all plants, Buildings and services in theUniversity, Physical Planning Unit collaborates with the Directorate of Works and Services to ensure that maintenance issues are adequately taken care of in our new projects. This is to ensure a hitch-free maintenance programme.

    The Director of Physical Planning Unit will, as recommended by the NUC, be the University Physical Planning Officer and will co-ordinate all capital projects in the University. He will also monitor the space effectiveness of physical structures vis-a-vis academic requirements in conjunction with the deans of the various schools. He will also serve as an internal consultant where the need arises.